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Engine Repair

The Heart of Your Vehicle

Out of all the major and minor systems and components in your vehicle, nothing has a more important role than your vehicle’s engine. Responsible for converting fuel into mechanical energy, it’s the reason why your vehicle is able to move. It’s because of this importance that the engine needs consistent service to perform at its best, and that’s where the Houston TAP team can help. Located in Houston, Texas, our team utilizes the latest resources and service techniques to provide a variety of engine repair and maintenance services for all makes and models. Whether you’re seeing black smoke or experiencing a loss of power, our team can handle any problem your engine may experience with precision and accuracy.

Is Your Engine Failing?

Although we recommend you leave any engine services to us, we do want you to understand the signs of engine failure. By knowing these signs, you’ll be able to get ahead of the problem and ensure your repair isn’t too big or expensive. Not sure what to look for? No problem, we’re here to help. Here are two signs of engine failure that you should be aware of.

Colored Smoke

You should never see any smoke leave your exhaust system. If you do, that’s a clear sign something is wrong with your engine. There are three types of smoke you need to be aware of — white, black, and blue.
White smoke indicates that coolant and water have leaked into the combustion chamber. The leaks can come from a variety of different areas and if not fixed, can cause extensive damage to your engine. Black smoke means a substantial amount of fuel has entered the combustion chamber and the engine is running rich. Although your vehicle isn’t in danger, it’s still good to have your vehicle serviced. If you see blue smoke, please visit us immediately. This indicates motor oil is leaking and mixing with the fuel. This can cause significant problems to your vehicle as the oil level will be low and your engine will be starved for motor oil, which will lead to an expensive engine repair or even a complete rebuild.

Loss of Power

Even though it’s normal to experience a loss of power over the lifetime of your vehicle, it isn’t normal for your vehicle to experience a dramatic loss of power. If you do experience a sudden shift in power, that indicates a major issue is going on within the engine. You’ll need one of our technicians to accurately determine the problem and fix the issue. Please don’t delay, as the longer this problem persists, the worse it will get, and you’ll end up with a very expensive repair bill.

Book Your Service Today!

If your vehicle’s engine is running into problems, don’t wait for the issue to get worse. Instead, have it serviced by the engine repair specialists in Houston, TX — Houston TAP. Our team of experienced technicians have the skill and expertise to handle any issue your engine is experiencing. By the end of your visit, your vehicle will be roaring once more! Give us a call at (713) 465- 6272 or use our convenient online scheduling system to book a service visit with us today! If you’re in the area, feel free to visit us at 10932 Hazelhurst Dr. We’ll be happy to help!