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Brake Service

You Never Know When You’ll Need Your Brakes

The only thing more important than your vehicle’s ability to start is its ability to stop. Whether you are taking the kids to swim practice or driving to work, you need your brakes to be working and in good condition. That is a great reason to periodically check your brakes’ performance and make sure they are working properly. If you hear screeching, squealing, and/or grinding when you press the brake pedal, you should schedule an appointment for a brake check as soon as possible – not only to avoid more costly repairs, but to keep you safe.

Why Choose Houston TAP for your brake service?

Here at Houston TAP we take car care seriously. Our brake repair specialists have the best tools and latest diagnostic equipment to service any and all makes and models. We take pride in providing quality brake service and repair and that is why we are able to offer a 24 month/ 24,000 mile warranty. We can ensure your brake pads and rotors are not worn out and will repair/and or replace any necessary parts to get you back on the road and safe to drive. We strive for great customer service so don’t hesitate to give us a call or make an appointment online to get your brakes checked out today.